Friday, October 20, 2017

Hawaii Small Business Loan Leading to Big Island Jobs

Over $1 million in federal funding has recently been made available for Hawaii small business loans, leading to an increase in big island jobs. Learn more here.

Will Overtime Lawyers Take My Case?

Last year, a federal judge in Texas invalidated the Obama Administration’s overtime rule, which would have raised the threshold for which salaried employees were entitled to overtime pay. The...

Two Simple Tips for Creating a More Engaging Website to Convert Sales – Welcome to Online Booking System's Blog

Take a good look at your website. If you were a consumer using your website, would you consider it a positive experience? Is your website engaging and visually appealing or static and boring? Is your website warm and inviting or cold and foreboding? If you’re leaning more towards the latter portion of the previous questions, then this blog is for you.

Staying Safe during a Flood, Important Tips to Know from Greg Lindberg — Greg Lindberg

Stay safe from a flood with these tips from Greg Lindberg.

Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog in the Car — eTags Reviews

Learn why you should never leave your dog in the car here.

Protect Your Business from Litigation — Horse Law News

Learn how to keep your business away from the courtroom here.

A Historic Architecture’s Guide to New England Homes | KSD Custom Wood Products

One of the first things people associate with New England, aside from the Patriots, is the architecture. Reminiscent of simpler times in American History, New England-styled architecture is popular the world over for its character, charm, and history. In fact, many of the buildings and homes that we see today are historic and in their […]