Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hussain al Nowais

Hussain al Nowais is the Founder and Chairman of Al Nowais Investments, a leading global investment firm based in the United Arab Emirates that oversees project development in a diverse range of industries. Al Nowais also serves as the Chairman of Waha Capital and acts as the Vice Chairman of Abraaj Capital, both of which are highly-successful UAE investment firms. In addition to his work in the private sector, Mr. Al Nowais holds a number of public positions, including a role as Chairman of the Senaat, the UAE's leading body for industrial diversification. The Khalifa Fund, which supports young entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates, is also chaired by Hussain al Nowais. Mr. al Nowais further sits on the board of Khalifa University, a recently-founded educational institution that maintains a specific focus on science. Mr. Al Nowais has been involved in projects related to global industrialization and investment for over 25 years now, and his business insight has afforded him me

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